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Savor the flavor of delicious Chinese food prepared with only the freshest ingredients

When you're craving a scrumptious Chinese meal, treat yourself and your family to the best all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet in town. Our bountiful selection of fresh, authentic Chinese food will be sure to please everyone's taste. Visit Fuji Grill Buffet in Parma, OH. We'll be happy to see you!

  • Fuji Grill Buffet was rated as "Best Buffet of 2015 in Cleveland Ohio"

  • Fuji Grill Buffet was rated as "Best Buffet of 2019 in Cleveland Ohio"

  • "Gift Certificate Available"

  • Online Ordering available on DoorDash

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Enjoy amazing food with exquisite flavors!

A great-tasting meal is just minutes away when you visit Fuji Grill Buffet at Parma. All your delicious, favorite chicken, beef, seafood and pork dishes are ready and waiting to satisfy your hunger. If sushi is your choice, we've got 20 delectable rolls for you to enjoy.

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